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William Oak - Size S

William Oak - Size S

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Crafted from Australian wool, William is a classic, vintage inspired, soft wide brim fedora. A unisex favourite, this approachable, instantly comfortable and easy going style will soon become your everyday companion. Material Australian Wool & leather band Care To keep your hat clean, use a hat brush (or soft brush) and move in anticlockwise circular motions. Use a lint roller to pull up any remaining particles. Please store your hat resting on the crown on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight. This will ensure the brim stays flat and the color does not fade. Storing your hat in the sun or near a heat source may cause shrinkage as wool is impacted by heat. If your hat does become mishapen, it can be steamed back into shape. Get caught in the rain? Allow your hat to dry out naturally in a shady area. You can use a waterproofing product such as Scotchgard (please do a small test patch first).

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