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Wifi System, 3-Pack - Router Replacement For Whole Home Coverage (Refurbished)

Wifi System, 3-Pack - Router Replacement For Whole Home Coverage (Refurbished)

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Simple from set-up to control and beyond Security that salways a step ahead WirelessAC1200 2ラ2 Wave 2Wifi Expandable mesh Wifi The revolutionary Wi-Fi solution taking the world by storm, Wifi provides you with the ultimate power and versatility. Supercharge your home or office Wi-Fi with Wifi – buy multiple to extend your coverage! Set up and control your system with the Wifi app Industry-leading cloud-based security Elegant white design that blends perfectly into any area With Wifi, has truly changed the world once again. Wifi delivers a seamless experience no matter where you are, by allowing you to set up as many routers as you wish across your home (each sold separately). And with their sleek, elegant yet unobtrusive design, Wifi routers are a splendid addition to any home. Wifi provides whats called mesh networking, where multiple devices act as one to provide a seamless Wi-Fi network. Mesh networking provides greater connectivity and consistency than using only a single router, eliminating poor signals and Wi-Fi dead spots no matter where you are. Wifi does the thinking for you Take your devices from room to room without missing a beat with Network Assist. As you walk around the house, the intelligent Network Assist software will connect your device with the best router point so that you always have the best connection possible. It will automatically determine which bands have the fastest connection and which channels have the least congestion. Wifi app Setting up your Wi-Fi system is simpler than ever before with the innovative Wifi app. The app also allows you to explore and continuously monitor your Wi-Fi system, from giving your guests access to seeing how your internet is being used by different users and devices around the home.

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