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Wi-Fi 6 Router, Ax1500 Next-Gen, Archer Ax1500

Wi-Fi 6 Router, Ax1500 Next-Gen, Archer Ax1500

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The Archer AX1500 dual-band router comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6 wireless technology for faster speeds, increased capacity and reduced network congestion.[ 1] Reaching speeds up to 1.5 Gbps for buffer-free 4K/HD streaming and gaming.[ 2] Connect even more devices via OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology while minimizing network congestion and lag.[ 3] Gigabit ports give you wired stability and speed on more devices. Archer AX1500 uses Beamforming technology to focus WiFi signal to your devices for more reliable coverage. The Archer AX1500 is backward compatible with all previous WiFi standards and all devices with WiFi capabilities. For streamlined setup and management, download the Tether app to set up your router in minutes.

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