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Whispers In The Library Eau De Toilette Spray By - 3.4 Oz

Whispers In The Library Eau De Toilette Spray By - 3.4 Oz

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Its hard to find a place that has the same atmosphere as a library filled with old books. With the Replica Whispers in the Library Unisex Eau de Toilette youll find yourself between antique wooden shelves, where time has stopped. Can you hear the rustling pages? unisex – perfect for both men and women an oriental woody fragrance that evokes books and wood part of the Replica collection, which is inspired by memories Composition of the fragrance The fragrance opens with aromatic pepper, orange blossom petals and patchouli. Soon after, notes of cypriol, tonka beans and benzoin take over. The base notes of the fragrance, which linger on the skin, include warm cedarwood, vanilla and vetiver. The individual elements work together perfectly to create an aroma that replicates the familiar smell of books and waxed wood. Story of the fragrance The Replica Whispers in the Library Eau de Toilette belongs to the Replica collection, which was inspired by memories linked to specific places and moments. This fragrance replicates the atmosphere of a library in Oxford. Just like all the Replica fragrances, Whispers in the Library is hidden inside a minimalist bottle with a cotton label which describes the fragrance and its character.

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