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Wfco Converter/Charger W/ Distribution C

Wfco Converter/Charger W/ Distribution C

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This WFCO Power Center includes industry first, patent pending Auto-Detect technology. This microprocessor driven technology will recognize lithium ion and lead acid battery chemistries and automatically adjust the charging profile to match the battery type. No more buttons. No more switches. You will have the peace of mind that your batteries will be accurately charged, eliminating the risk of over and under charging. With multi-stage charging and current monitoring in both lead-acid and lithium profiles, battery life will be maximized. The WFCO Power Center features 11 DC circuits, which include two 30-amp DC circuits, allowing installation of more high-power consuming appliances like slide-out motors, electrical awnings, and beds. It uses LED warning lights for open 12V circuits, so you can easily see when theres a problem. The thumb tab design permits easy removal of the DC fuse panel for out of box work and easy wire cutting. The integrated transfer switch mount allows for the WFCO T-30 transfer switch (sold separately) to be easily installed directly to the back of the power center.

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