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Weathered Wooden Storage Trunk 2 Pc Set

Weathered Wooden Storage Trunk 2 Pc Set

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This faux-weathered storage trunk set provides an abundance of storage space while contributing its vintage style. The set comes with 2 trunks, one small and one large, to fit any need or situation. While the trunks are designed to match, they can be used together or separately. These handmade storage trunks are made of sturdy wood and construction-perfect for protecting your treasures. The spacious black interiors can fit a variety of different items including board games, blankets, books, clothing and heirlooms. A pleasant nautical theme is achieved with the riveted edging and anchor clasp. The wood is also painted with an attractive red, black and blue-white scheme, giving it a weathered appearance. The decorative ring handles add to the eye-catching design as well. The trunks domed lids are held on strong hinges, which have a click-catch system to keep the lids open at various heights. This will keep your hands free, giving you the freedom to remove or store anything with ease. Each click indicates the levels at which the lid can remain open. Due to the handmade quality of this product, the color and size of each trunk may vary slightly, adding to their unique style and personality. This set of vintage storage trunks is perfect for anyone looking to store various treasures and add a bit of pirate-inspired decor. Feel free to use these trunks in any room of your home, including the living room, bedroom and closet.

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