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Wd10jplx Black 1tb 2.5-Inch Performance Hard Drive

Wd10jplx Black 1tb 2.5-Inch Performance Hard Drive

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The WD Black WD10JPLX 1TB 2.5a Hard Drive Disk is part of a lineup that values performance in hard drives over all. This features dual processors and a faster cache for maximum read and writes. The many reliability features makes sure this is a rock-solid storage solution as well. Cache is automatically allocated to read or writes depending on eachas load. The 2.5a form factor makes it perfect for use in netbook computers, especially if you use it for hard-drive intensive tasks like video editing. Easily deploy this new drive in your system with the Acronis Tue Image WD Edition to clone drives, backup your OS, applications and settings and all of your data.

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