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Wcr Sl 3d Ski Poles 125 Cm

Wcr Sl 3d Ski Poles 125 Cm

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Leki s WCR SL 3D Ski Racing Poles are elite poles for elite ski racers. These poles feature an aerodynamic design with Leki s Airfoil profile and have Leki s new 3D Trigger System. The SL poles can accommodate Leki s closed gate guards with an adapter in that can be attached to the handle. In a sport that demands results, the Leki WCR SL 3D Ski Pole delivers. The WCR SL 3D is the race pole you need when you re fighting for hundredths of a second. The NEW 3D Slalom race grip offers an innovative multi-directional, 3D release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. A strong, ergonomic shape offers more control through a direct connection between the glove and pole. The protective aluminum sheathing in the upper area provides the pole with additional strength and the Airfoil profile of the shaft reduces wind resistance and vibration.

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