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Become a Paparazzi Superstar with the Small Home Party Kit


Welcome to the world of Paparazzi Accessories, where the newest team members are given the perfect tools to start a successful home-based jewelry business. The Small Home Party Kit is designed with you in mind, featuring hand-selected pieces that are sure to dazzle your first customers.

What's Inside the Small Home Party Starter Kit

120 pieces of inventory

Hand-selected and featuring a broad variety of colors and styles, these pieces offer your customers the finest fashions in every shade. It's an inventory that ensures something for everyone.

Style Snapshots and Stylist Tip Cards

  • 3 Style Snapshots: These give you a quick glance at popular styling choices, offering inspiration for your customers.
  • 3 Stylist Tip Cards: These cards provide professional guidance, helping you to present the jewelry in the most appealing way.

Display Tools

  • Necklace Bust and Ring Display: For an elegant showcasing of your products.
  • 100 Pink Sales Bags and 75 Display Hooks: For professional handling and display.

Party Essentials

  • Paparazzi Party Planner and 25 Party Invitations: To organize your party smoothly.
  • Vinyl Window Decal, 25 Receipts, and 10 Thank You Cards: For branding, transaction ease, and showing appreciation.
  • 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms, 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards, 5 Compensation Plan Brochures: For recruitment, building loyalty, and explaining your business model.

How to Utilize the Kit Effectively

Setting Up

Use the provided tools like the Necklace Bust and Party Planner to set up an attractive and functional display.

Engaging Customers

Use the Style Snapshots and Stylist Tip Cards to guide customers in selecting the perfect pieces.

Building Loyalty

Utilize the Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards and Thank You Cards to foster lasting relationships with your customers.

Become a Paparazzi Superstar Today

Join us today at Paparazzi Accessories and take the first step to becoming a Paparazzi superstar with the Small Home Party Kit. Your jewelry business success starts here.


The Small Home Party Starter Kit is more than just a collection of jewelry; it's a business in a box. With carefully selected tools and accessories, it lays the foundation for a successful Paparazzi career. Begin your journey today and transform your passion for fashion into a thriving business!

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