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Start Your Fashion Business with Paparazzi's $99 Preview Pack

Introduction to Paparazzi's $99 Preview Pack

Paparazzi is renowned for making trendy and affordable fashion jewelry accessible to everyone. With the introduction of the $99 Preview Pack, new consultants have a golden opportunity to kickstart their careers. Tailored with the best selections, it's the perfect package to appeal to your first customers.

What's Inside the Preview Pack?

The Preview Pack is not just a bundle of jewelry but a complete business starter kit. Here's what's included:

35 Hand-Selected Jewelry Pieces

Receive a broad selection of 35 fine pieces, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings in various colors and styles. It's the perfect inventory to attract customers of all tastes.

Style Snapshot and Stylist Tip Card

Get guidance from top Paparazzi Stylists through the Style Snapshot and Tip Card. Learn to mix, match, and style like a pro.

Tools for Display and Sales

  • Necklace Bust & 25 Display Hooks: Showcase your jewelry professionally.
  • 100 Pink Sales Bags: Create a signature unboxing experience for customers.
  • Complete Jewelry Tool Kit: Ensure your pieces are always looking their best.

Marketing and Promotion Materials

  • 25 Party Invitations & Paparazzi Party Planner: Host fabulous sales events.
  • Vinyl Window Decal: Advertise your business everywhere you go.
  • 25 Receipts, 10 Thank You Cards & More: Personalize the customer experience.

Benefits of Starting with the Preview Pack

The Preview Pack is more than just jewelry. It provides the essential tools, resources, and guidance needed to become a Paparazzi superstar. From setting up your first display to managing customer loyalty, this pack has it all.

How to Purchase the Preview Pack

The Preview Pack is exclusively available for initial purchases by new Consultants. Simply sign up with Paparazzi, follow the on-screen instructions, and embark on your journey to success.


Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, the $99 Preview Pack by Paparazzi is your gateway to the world of fashion business. With everything you need at an unbeatable price, it's time to turn your passion into profit.

Join Paparazzi Today!

Ready to make your mark in the fashion world? The $99 Preview Pack is your first step to success. Click the link to become part of our vibrant community and embark on an exciting journey with Paparazzi.

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